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We do our best to work within any budget. Discovering the STORY in your HISTORY should be affordable and accessible to everyone. If requested, we can work with you to create a budget with limits on both expenses and research time.

Family Research

» Beginner
» Branch
» Surname
» Biographical
» Record Retrieval

10 Hours

$45.00 p/hourLearn More

Family Interviews

» Audio
» Video
» Transcript
» Living History
» Preservation

Video Fees
Extra (TBD)

$45.00 p/hourLearn More

House History

» Houses
» Land
» Deeds
» Property
» Transfers

5 Hour

$45.00 p/hourLearn More

Please Note: Our service rates are for services only and do not cover certain potential out-of-pocket expenses including photocopies, postage, vital records fees, collection access fees, CDs, lodging fees, plane, train or bus fares, parking fees, tolls, and other reimbursable expenses. All expenses (based on the type of services provided) will be explained ahead of time and clearly delineated in your invoice. If requested, an expense budget can be negotiated prior to the start of research.

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