Discover the STORY in UR HISTORY! 

Have you ever wondered who your ancestors were?
Where they came from? What their lives were like?
Their struggles and triumphs?

Uncovering their STORY may reveal
a bit more of your own.

These are questions we all have pondered at one time or another. That’s because within our family’s HISTORY lies an undiscovered STORY. Now is the time to discover that STORYUR STORY.

At DiscoverURhistory we love digging deep to discover the HISTORY of your family. We search through numerous archives, libraries and record repositories throughout the New Jersey and New York area and many online genealogy databases and repositories. We also use the latest resources such as autosomal DNA testing.

By discovering vital records – birth certificates, marriage certificates and death certificates – as well as other important documents in genealogy research – census records, baptism certificates, adoption documents, passenger lists, naturalization records, cemetery records and wills – your family tree has the potential to grow in many directions.

Not only do we search for the who, what, where and when, but we strive to put that information into context. Newspaper articles, obituaries, photographs, historical images, maps, city directories, and many other available resources can create a fuller picture beyond the dates and places of your ancestors’ lives.


Our genealogy research and family history services include: 

Family Research

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House History

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We at DiscoverURhistory have loved our own journeys of genealogical discovery. We’re cousins after all and fully understand and appreciate the importance of family. We have spent countless hours discovering our family tree and its stories of survival, immigration and success — along with the hardships, loss and the occasional murder. Our passion for genealogy research, sleuthing and storytelling, drives our wish to bring alive the STORY in your HISTORY.

DiscoverURhistory is dedicated to providing tremendous value at reasonable and affordable prices without sacrificing quality. Our genealogy and family history services feature flat rates that can work within any budget.


 Now is the time to DISCOVER UR HISTORY! 

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