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Preserving Stories – Recording Histories

Do you have an older relative, friend, or member of your community whose story you would like to preserve for future generations to enjoy?

Everyone has a unique and special story to share. Their perspective and stories enrich and bring to life the events of your family. They add great context to the records, dates and facts uncovered by genealogy and family history. Don’t miss out on your family’s living HISTORY.

With your input and guidance, we can create a specialized interview plan to ensure that any interview we conduct encompasses any and all specific or special questions you may have. We will help you identify those areas of the utmost importance. We also can conduct background research to ensure the interview is specific and on target.

Interviews can either be preserved through video, audio recordings or typed transcripts.

Together we can preserve your family’s precious stories.


 Now is the time to DISCOVER UR HISTORY! 

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