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Arthur Brisbane once said, “Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.”

Genealogy research and family history can uncover the STORY — dates, names, locations, details — and put them into historical context, but there is another aspect of that HISTORY – the visual aspect – through photographs and pictures. That’s why DiscoverURhistory is pleased to offer the below picture and photography services to enhance your genealogy and family history.

Scanning & Enhancing Your Pictures

So many of us have old photographs in a box in the basement or attic that haven’t been looked at in years. These photographs contain a treasure trove of information about your family and ancestors. Water, mildew, and non-acid free photo albums can damage family pictures beyond repair. Scanning your old photographs is a great way to preserve these images for future generations. Here at DiscoverURhistory we can scan your old photographs and repair some of those minor rips and/or stains. When we’re done, you’ll receive a CD with your images.

Photographer For Hire – Want Or Need That Special Picture? We’re Here to Help

If you’re looking for a picture of a specific church, school or even your family’s headstones, we can obtain it on your behalf. Hire our photographers to capture your special images in the New Jersey or New York area. We can provide your photographs in either digital or print formats.

Please Note: Some cemetery associations have strict rules and regulations on the photographing or videotaping of headstones and markers in their cemeteries. Some cemetery associations prohibit all pictures and videos if you are not the owner of certificate rights. It may not be possible to obtain images in certain cemeteries unless special dispensation/approval is granted or documentary proof of relation is provided.

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 Scanned & Enhanced Examples

Below are some examples of images that have been scanned, enhanced and/or digitally repaired.

photo example 1

photo example 1


photo example 1


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 Photographic Examples

Here are a few examples of photographs we have taken of headstones, mausoleums, houses and churches.


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