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Whether you just moved into your current home or have lived there for 30 years, there is a STORY to be uncovered in your house’s HISTORY.

Oh the Stories Your House Could Tell!

Our House History service can provide you with a wealth of information on the previous owners of your house and land. You may have interesting connections and/or commonalities with former owners that you never knew about. Explore the possibilities…

To uncover your house’s HISTORY, we will delve into deeds, census records, city directories, newspapers,  and all other available resources.  We will gather and present you with the details and information we can find on former homeowners and landowners. Available information may include: names, ages, family members, occupations and the stories of their lives while living in your house.

Deed Search & Lookups

Are you interested in searching for your house’s deeds? A deed is the legal document that transfers property and property rights from one party to another. Deeds are often located at the county level with the county register.  It’s not always easy to travel to the right county deed office or register. We can help. We have searched and retrieved records from many of the deed offices throughout New Jersey.

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 Our Archives & Repositories

We have visited, conducted research at and retrieved records from the following offices:

• Essex County NJ Deed Office
• Middlesex County NJ Deed Office
• Ocean County NJ Deed Office
• Union County NJ Deed Office

Don’t worry if you don’t see your county listed. We can travel to most counties within New Jersey.

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 What’s Included

We will provide photocopies and/or digital reproductions of all documents we discover. We also provide detailed research reports on all research we conduct including full citations of sources and resources we used to uncover your house’s HISTORY. Our reports also include notations on resources where no results were found.

Please Note: the number and types of resources available for a house history may vary based on the records maintained by each town and/or county where those records are housed and made available. Not all of the above mentioned information may be available for any one particular house history.

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 Record Examples

Below are some examples of the kinds of documents you can uncover while conducting house history research. Click on the link to see the full image.

pdf Harrison NJ City Directory

pdf Union County NJ Deed

pdf Middlesex County NJ Deed

pdf Perth Amboy NJ Land Map


 Now is the time to DISCOVER UR HISTORY! 

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